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Risk Management Investigator

Job Summary

The Risk Management Investigator is a Coordinator-level position that supports the Fraternity’s efforts to mitigate risk by investigating alleged violations of the Risk Management Policy. They report their findings to the Risk Management Director and Chief Compliance Officer and make recommendations regarding the disposition of individual Cases.

Essential Job Functions

  • Conducting an investigation upon submission of a Risk Management Report to determine the facts of the Case and make a recommendation regarding disposition.

  • Developing an investigation plan for each Case.

  • Gathering facts and supporting evidence for each Case, including conducting interviews with relevant parties and gathering documents.

  • Drafting a Report on each Case to present factual findings to the Risk Management Director, Chief Compliance Officer, Chapters, or other parties.

  • Advising the Fraternity regarding Risk Management policies and procedures.

  • Maintaining a professional, impartial, and diplomatic demeanor throughout the course of their responsibilities.

  • Other tasks as assigned by the Risk Management Director or Chief Compliance Officer.

Required Qualifications

  • Membership status as an Alum of DLP.

  • At least one-year experience in a leadership role in the Fraternity Office or Board of Directors.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of the Fraternity Policy Manual and Fraternity Bylaws.

  • Demonstrated skills in project management, time management, and working independently.

  • Ability to synthesize and summarize facts and materials for others.

  • Proven written and oral communication skills.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience in a fact-gathering role, such as conducting interviews or reviewing and summarizing documents.

  • Experience or training in risk management or investigations for another organization.

Expected Workload

About 5-10 hours per week when a case is in progress as well as intermittent staff meetings.

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