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Founded by Gay men for all men, the mission of Delta Lambda Phi is to enhance the quality of life among men irrespective of sexual orientation or gender expression by providing dignified and purposeful social, service and recreational activities.


Delta Lambda Phi will be the foremost leader in the Greek experience by asserting that friendship is strengthened through diversity and that all men have the common responsibility to make a difference.


To develop dignified and purposeful, social, service, and recreational activities for all men, irrespective of sexual orientation or gender expression.

To lead in determining the rights and privileges of individuals in society.

To promote a strong and positive image, which respects the diversity of all individuals.


Excellence_09 Foundation.png


We strive to accomplish all goals in our path with honor and humility. We hold ourselves to a higher standard, challenging ourselves daily to make the right choices and not necessarily the easy ones. We seek this not only for ourselves, but also for our fellow Brothers. Excellence means acting with purpose and as gentlemen to achieve our fullest potential.

Integrity_01 Delta Green.png


In the face of a mercurial world, we shall act with consistency and honesty towards ourselves and others. Our statements are not spoken hastily or in vain, for they are the manifestation of our values. Similarly, the choices we make determine the standards to which we are held. Integrity means that we act with authenticity and take responsibility for what we do and what we believe.

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We foster a culture of acceptance and respect for the individuality of all people. When tempered by humility, we forge a space for growth through our varied identities. Myriad experiences enlighten our view of the world and create a mosaic that is greater than the sum of its parts. Diversity means that we are strongest when multiple voices shape our community.



Though we do not live in an ideal world, we courageously work to challenge the status quo. We envision a society based upon equity and self-determination. To this end, we build supportive relationships among individuals and organizations. Justice means we empower communities beyond our own for the benefit of all.



We are connected to our campus and our neighborhoods. We do not exist in isolation. As such our efforts are not taken for our benefit alone, but for the benefit of our community. Service means that we appreciate and give back to the people, institutions and the larger world surrounding us.

Friendship_11 Summit.png


We extend our hands in friendship to all we come across. We understand that it is our perspective that separates us from the person next to us, and nothing else. Friendship means embracing those with different views and working to understand all differences.



Finally, Brotherhood is a commitment we make for our entire lives. We connect ourselves to a relationship that flows from each Brother to the whole Fraternity, and from the whole Fraternity to each Brother, shaping the ideal that once a brother, always a brother. Commitment means that we strive to live out the Fraternity’s values and its rituals in our daily lives and that we stand by one another in times of need.

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