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The Delphi Foundation is the Charitable Foundation of Delta Lambda Phi. Donations to Delphi support educational and leadership development through academic scholarships and an annual “block grant” to the Fraternity. Chapters, Provisional Chapters, and LAAs can partner with the Delphi Foundation to accept charitable donations which are placed in a fund reserved for their use. These encumbered funds must be used for purposes for which Delphi was created under the IRS guidelines.


One such program is the David L. West Convention Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to those Brothers who don't have the means to attend the Fraternity's annual Convention. Similarly, Delphi manages the Timothy Ortyl Conference Assistance Fund, which provides financial assistance to Brothers traveling to conferences sponsored by DLP. 


Delphi is also the home of the Delta Force Leadership Academy. This program is developed by Lambda Men for Lambda Men and is built on our core values and our Guiding Principle. It is an intentional leadership training program to help Brothers develop leadership skills to be successful in their roles in the Fraternity, as well as prepare for success on campus and in their careers.

Donations to the Delphi Foundation may be tax deductible (depending on amount).


Delta Lambda Phi has been making a difference in the lives of our brothers for over three decades. Your generous support allows us to increase our operational capabilities, specifically those which cannot be fully met by the Delphi Foundation block grant.

These capabilities include, but are not limited to:

  • Enhanced in-person support for chapters

  • Alumni programming and events

  • Marketing and Design support

  • Outreach & Expansion
  • Staff support and compensation (all our staff are currently 100% volunteer!)

  • Information technology infrastructure

More than anything, your donations to Delta Lambda Phi are a measure of your belief in the truth of a lifelong commitment to DLP. They ensure there will continue to be plentiful opportunities for individuals across the continent to discover and join Delta Lambda Phi and experience the unique experiences and benefits the Brotherhood has to offer.

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The Capital Campaign

Learn more about our historic campaign to raise $150,000 to minimize the financial barriers for our collegiate members, further our justice-oriented organizational growth, support our operational expenses and increase alumnx engagement.

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