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Joining a fraternity is a big decision. The fraternal experience is also unique because your membership in Delta Lambda Phi lasts a lifetime, not just the few years you're at college. The process to join is also more involved than most student organizations. You'll get to know the brothers, receive an invitation to join, complete new member education and be initiated as a full brother. And that's just your first semester.

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Chapter recruitment

Many of our chapters host informal social events each semester that are open to potential new members (aka anyone curious about joining). These events are great opportunities to meet current brothers in a stress-free environment.

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If the chapter decides you’d be a good fit for our organization, you’ll receive a formal invitation to join. If you accept this invitation, you’ll attend an induction ceremony.

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New member education

Each group of new members who participate in an induction ceremony will be part of a new member class. This class will go through new member education together, a multi-week course where you’ll learn about the history of Delta Lambda Phi. While there is a time commitment for this course, we understand that your academics come first.

New member education is also an opportunity for you to get to know the brothers better. We encourage new members to attend chapter events and build friendships with other new members and active brothers. During the new member experience, you may find that Delta Lambda Phi isn’t the right fit for you. There’s no pressure to join and you can exit the chapter at any point.

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After successfully completing new member education, you’ll be invited to attend an initiation ceremony. This will transition you from a new member to an active member, making you a full brother of Delta Lambda Phi.



Active brotherhood

As an active brother of Delta Lambda Phi, you'll participate in chapter activities, help plan events and invite other potential new members to join, all while developing bonds that last a lifetime.

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Alumni brotherhood

You'll spend way more time as an alumnus member of Delta Lambda Phi than as an active member. Our alumni brothers mentor chapters, take on volunteer roles in our office and on our board of directors, plan alumni events and support the organization.

Ready to start the journey?

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