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What joining DLP means for you and your student

We're so excited to welcome your student into Delta Lambda Phi. As a new member of our organization, your student will have the opportunity to make lifelong friendships, grow their leadership skills and give back to their community.  


What should I know about my student joining a fraternity?

Joining a fraternity is different than joining other college organizations because of the focus on lifelong membership and connections. Fraternities and sororities focus on developing the entire person, rather than focusing on a specific interest or skill. The time and financial commitment is typically greater within a fraternity than other student organizations too. 

What is the history of Delta Lambda Phi?

Check out our dedicated history page to learn more about the origin of DLP.

Does my student have to live in the house?

No chapter of Delta Lambda Phi owns a facility or house, so there is no requirement for members to live in a shared space. However, many brothers may choose to rent a place together or live in the same residence hall on campus.

What makes DLP different than other fraternities and campus organizations?

Delta Lambda Phi has always been committed to making a space for members who would otherwise be excluded from the fraternity experience. Originally founded by gay men, DLP welcomes men and transgender individuals of all sexualities and identities who share our values to join.

What is the time and financial commitment for my student?

The time commitment will vary depending on how involved your student is in the chapter. A regular member can expect to spend a couple hours a week attending meetings, planning/attending events and other functions as necessary. Members who take on leadership roles within the chapter can expect to spend several more hours leading their area of the chapter.

As far as cost goes, membership dues will vary by chapter. Each member will pay general fraternity dues, which pay for various services from the international office, liability insurance and local chapter dues, which pay for social, recruitment and service event planning. A member can expect to pay between $500 and $1,000 per school year.

Don't fraternities haze and drink a lot?

This is a common and understandable concern for students and families. Delta Lambda Phi takes hazing seriously. Hazing is not tolerated and Delta Lambda Phi is committed to ensuring all our members feel welcome and valued in our organization. Our chapters are required to complete risk management training twice a year, which includes information on identifying and reporting hazing, alcohol abuse and assault. 

Alcohol use is also strictly regulated for chapter events. No new member events, such as recruitment, are allowed to have alcohol. 

Do you accept straight men or transgender individuals into your organization?

Delta Lambda Phi welcomes men and transgender individuals of all sexualities and identities who share our values to join. DLP defines eligible individuals as any person who is not a cisgender woman at the time of joining.

How can I support DLP even though I am not a student?

There are many ways to support the mission of Delta Lambda Phi even if you aren't a college student. If you'd like to support DLP financially, we accept donations to supplement our educational and support programs. We also have volunteer positions available for those who can lend their time and talent to assist with the work of the fraternity. If you work in journalism, positive media, articles and news reports can go a long way to further our mission. Please contact us for more information or if you have additional questions.

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