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Chief Compliance Officer (CCO)

Job Summary

The Chief Compliance Officer will manage or oversee the legal and regulatory compliance operations of the Fraternity, coordinate activities of outside legal counsel when needed, and assist in resolving disputes within the Fraternity. The Chief Compliance Officer may provide legal advice and counsel to the Convention, Board of Directors, Executive Director, Fraternity Office, and to others within the Fraternity upon being requested. When providing such advice and counsel, they will always do their best to assess and promote the best interests of the Fraternity as a whole. In the event of any vacancy in this office for any reason, the Trustee may ensure that the Chief Compliance Officer's duties set forth in this section are adequately handled by an attorney acting as outside counsel.

(Per Fraternity Bylaws 6.10.)


Essential Job Functions

  • Provide legal advice to the Executive Director, Board of Directors, and other members of Fraternity or chapter leadership as requested.

  • Reviews all contracts signed by the Fraternity

  • Assists in resolving disputes within the Fraternity.

  • Oversees the Fraternity's legal requirements and liability insurance.

  • Oversees the risk management operations of the Fraternity.


  • Admission to practice law in one of the fifty U.S. states or the District of Columbia.

Reports to

  • Executive Director & CEO


  • The Risk Management Team

  • Legal Intern (when applicable)


  • A moderate workload (5-10 hours a week) is expected.

  • Some travel is encouraged (1-2 weekends per year, including Convention).

How to Apply

Please email with your resume.

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