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Historic Capital Campaign launched by Delta Lambda Phi

In the brotherhood of Delta Lambda Phi (DLP), the theme of journeys is frequently alluded to—starting with the early moment of the new member experience and continuing on beyond our brothers in the Alpha Omega Chapter. The journey of our own fraternity is one many of us know well, from the stories of our founding, to the first formally hired staff members, to the creation of the affiliated Delphi Foundation, to the national organizational restructuring, to the milestone of expanding internationally, all the way to where our brotherhood stands today.

The journey has not always been easy and it has not come without losses and hard lessons. Yet, our values persist and we, collectively and individually, continue to make our presence make a difference. Amid a world that seems to be fighting with renewed intensity against our freedoms, joy, and simple existence, our ongoing presence is our contribution to a future that is more equitable, joyful, and safe for those who come after us.

“It’s a journey, and we all have a role to play.”

– Andrea Jenkins

Minneapolis City Council President and first Black, openly transgender woman elected to public office in the United States

Our continued existence is not guaranteed, unfortunately. Though our bonds of brotherhood may exist beyond the formal gatherings, business meetings, and bylaws, Delta Lambda Phi’s organizational existence has always been a delicate balance between curating an exceptional experience for all members and the resources it requires to make that experience possible. A critical resource that our brotherhood has always struggled to sustain is money; whether it is the hard conversations with actives about raising dues, unmet operational needs due to lack of funds, or strategic plans that must be discarded so finances can be prioritized elsewhere, Delta Lambda Phi has never had the luxury of a solid financial foundation.

“When this idea for this fund was introduced to me by Br. Bryan Guffey, I was immediately inspired to be part of the team that would launch this campaign, because I can imagine how transformational this fund could be for DLP. Not only for our current Active Brothers, but also for any future Brothers and for the alumni who want a more engaging Brotherhood experience.” Nolan Petersen, campaign manager, said.

In light of this reality, we are honored to launch a Capital Campaign with a goal of $150,000, the first major fundraising endeavor handled exclusively by DLP in recent memory. These donations will establish a fund to provide dues scholarships directly to brothers who may otherwise be unable to afford the costs associated with membership—costs which directly correlate to Delta Lambda Phi’s ability to provide all members with a high-quality fraternal experience. Thanks to the incredible support of a group of generous brothers, the Capital Campaign has secured more than $75,000 in pledges prior to its official launch, which was the total goal of our initial campaign. Because of this outpouring of support, we have tripled our goal to $150,000, knowing that every dollar will enable DLP to provide even more support to members and chapters across the continent.

"I have been blown away by the support and generosity of our actives and alumni. The fact our original goal was exceeded before we officially launched - twice! - is incredible. This will be a huge benefit for our actives and their involvement in Delta Lambda Phi for years to come." Michael Nolen Long, DLP Executive Director and CEO, said.

Your financial support for Delta Lambda Phi is crucial to changing lives for the better: it creates the conditions for our active and alumni members to become people who can make change in the world. Currently, 95% of all member income for the fraternity is provided directly by active members through dues. The potential impact you can make on DLP is highest during your alumni years, considering that the vast majority of our brotherhood experience will be as an alumni. Whether you can give $10, $100, or even $1,000 a year, it’s all crucial to creating the experiences that enable each of us to live up to the meaning of our letters. Please join us on this exciting journey into the next phase of the fraternity’s future by making a pledge to the campaign below.

Learn more about DLP’s Capital Campaign at and discover other ways to support our Brotherhood at

Capital Campaign Steering Committee

Chair: Michael Long, Executive Director

Co-Chair: Jeff Devereaux

Member: Christopher Engle-Newman

Member: Dusty Garner-Carpenter

Member: Zach Haak

Member: Ryan Madsen

Member: Brosnan Rhodes

Capital Campaign Staff

Campaign Director: Bryan Guffey, Previous Executive Director

Campaign Manager: Nolan Petersen, DLPAA President Emeritus

Campaign Marketing: Tyler McKnight, Chief Marketing Officer


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