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The Delphi Foundation

About the Foundation

The Delphi Foundation was created for the purpose of being the charitable arm of Delta Lambda Phi and to perform such activities on behalf of the brotherhood that would qualify under the rules of charitable organizations.


Delphi supports the fraternity through several aspects, including leadership development programs, educational seminars and speakers, grants to charitable non-profit organizations, and academic scholarships. This support allows us to provide even more activities and to reach out to partner with other charitable organizations to reach common goals.


The Delphi Foundation is and must be a separate organization from Delta Lambda Phi, but its sole purpose for existing is to support the fraternity. Almost every fraternity has a similar supporting foundation.

Our Programs

Delta Force Leadership Academy

Delta Force Leadership Academy was established in 2011 as an intentional, intensive approach to leadership development for our brothers. While active participation in our chapters provides many opportunities for brothers to develop leadership skills, Delta Force was developed as an extension of the experiential learning that happens in the day-to-day life of a DLP brother. During this premier leadership weekend, participants will meet brothers from chapters across North America, build strong bonds together, and become agents for powerful, positive change in their communities.

Academic Scholarships

The Delphi Foundation has sponsored an academic scholarship program since 2008, awarding scholarships annually based on academic excellence, leadership, service, or campus involvement. Scholarship recipients may use the award towards any part of the expenses for their education, defraying some of the costs of higher education.

For the 2023-24 academic year, the Delphi Foundation is providing up to seven $1,000 scholarships. All brothers, active or alumni, who are enrolled in an accredited educational institute are eligible to apply. 

Applications are closed for 2023-24
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