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New Alumnx Outreach Coordinator

Job Summary

The volunteers in the Fraternity Office are necessary for the continued operation of the Fraternity and helping the chapters as they support potential new members, new members, actives, and alumnx. The New Alumnx Outreach Coordinator will reach out to new alumnix about volunteer opportunities and to gauge their interest.

Essential Job Functions

  • Work with Chapter Support to obtain a list of new or upcoming graduates.

  • Reach out to new graduates with volunteer opportunities.

  • Work with Chapter Support to create a talent pipeline of upcoming graduates, junior-level undergraduate or second-year masters degree students.

Required Qualifications

  • Interest in attending regional conferences, the Fraternity Convention, White & Gold Weekends, and/or the Fraternity leadership retreat.

  • Interest in developing leadership skills within the Fraternity Office.

Preferred Qualifications

  • A recent college graduate (0-2 years).

  • Alumnx of Delta Lambda Phi.

  • Experience with onboarding processes.

  • Experience with chapter leadership or Fraternity Office roles.

Expected Workload

Less than 10 hours per week, primarily scheduled around the end of quarters and semesters.

How To Apply

Email with resume and letter of intent. You may also submit a link to your LinkedIn Profile.

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