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Law Clerk

Job Summary

The position of Law Clerk is a semesterly professional development opportunity within DLP’s Compliance Department for current law students. The Law Clerk will work directly with the Chief Compliance Officer—DLP’s in-house counsel—on legal research and writing projects on a variety of topics. Projects will include at least one full memorandum and several smaller assignments. Areas of law may include LGBTQ+ issues in law, higher education law, nonprofit law, trademark and intellectual property law, risk management and tort law, and tax law, but may be tailored to the Law Clerk’s individual interests.

By the end of the semester, the Law Clerk will have at least one writing sample-quality memorandum. Upon satisfactory completion of the position, the Chief Compliance Officer will also provide the Law Clerk career and interview advice, a general letter of recommendation, and affidavits of character and fitness for the Bar.

Essential Job Functions

  • Conducting legal research on a variety of topics as assigned by the Chief Compliance Officer.

  • Writing legal memoranda on a variety of topics to the Chief Compliance Officer, the Fraternity Office, or the Board of Directors, under the supervision of the Chief Compliance Officer.

  • Coordinating their projects with other Law Clerks as assigned.

  • Attending periodic meetings with the Chief Compliance Officer regarding progress on projects and meetings with other Fraternity Staff as needed.

Required Qualifications

  • Status as a current 2L or 3L for Fall and Spring positions, or completion of at least 1L for Summer positions.

  • Demonstrated legal research and writing ability.

Expected Workload

This position will require approximately 5-10 hours per week, tailored to the Law Clerk’s schedule. The position will last one semester, with the possibility of renewing for an additional semester. Course credit will not be offered.

How to Apply

Interested parties should submit a Cover Letter, Resume, legal writing sample, and two references from within the Fraternity to Nick Simons, Chief Compliance Officer, at

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