Graphic Design Coordinator

Job Summary

The Graphic Design Coordinator will assist the Chief Marketing Officer in the development and execution of graphic design work for the fraternity, including training manuals, advertisements, logos/branding, merchandise and other marketing collateral. They will coordinate with the Chief Marketing Officer, other coordinators in the Office of Marketing and with stakeholders/clients outside across the fraternity to ensure projects are finished on time and within scope. They will utilize the fraternity’s existing brand standards in all projects and convey the fraternity’s mission, vision and purposes in all content.

Essential Job Functions

  • Use a personal computer to access provided design software (Adobe Creative Cloud or similar)

  • Utilize basic graphic design principles to create well-constructed materials

  • Solicit feedback on projects from the Chief Marketing Officer and/or stakeholders/clients

  • Ensure all projects abide by the fraternity’s brand standards

Preferred Qualifications

  • Experience designing graphics and marketing materials for an organization

  • Experience working with brand standards in graphic design work

  • Excellent time management and communication skills

  • Education in Graphic Design, Marketing, Advertising, Journalism or similar

Expected Workload

  • 5-7 hours per week, can vary depending on interest hits

How to Apply

Submit your resume and design portfolio to Please include Fraternity and related professional experience as well as references (preferably one Fraternity Office staff member and two Brothers that you have worked with or two professional references). Please be sure to list the position in the subject line of the email.

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