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Executive Director and CEO

Updated: May 22

Job Summary

The Executive Director (ED) supervises and guide the various departments of the Fraternity Office and ensuring progress toward the organizational goals established by the Board of Directors.

The ED may be given specific responsibilities by the Board of Directors, such as risk management oversight, oversight of resource deployment to chapters, reviewing and contributing to staff operational plans, holding departments accountable to their annual goals, and special projects. They will be tasked with direct supervision of managers of the departments of the Fraternity Office, including: Education, Chapter Support, Alumni Development, Operations, Information Systems, and Finance. They will be tasked with making hiring decisions on volunteer staff within their respective areas and assist with staff recruitment for all of the Fraternity Office. They will communicate organization goals and operational plans to all levels of the Fraternity. They will also manage strategic planning and coordination of the Fraternity’s programs and projects.

The ED will accomplish the organizational goals set forth in Section 7 of the Fraternity Policies. They will also ensure that organizational operations are within the boundaries of prudence and ethics established by Board policies and Executive Parameters.

The ED will also ensure the Fraternity maintains compliance with Fraternity Bylaws and Standing Rules, particularly as it relates to chapter operations, chapter standing, reports, and other matters executed by the Fraternity Office.

Additional details regarding the Executive Director's responsibilities can be found in the Fraternity Bylaws, the Fraternity Policies, and the Fraternity Office Volunteer Handbook, all of which are available on Confluence.

Essential Job Functions

The ED is, under the authority delegated by the Board of Directors, responsible for the Fraternity's daily operations and is the Fraternity's Chief Executive Officer. They will employ and supervise the Office's professional staff, subject to policies adopted by the Board of Directors.

They shall make strategic decisions in conjunction with the staff they directly oversee. They must also be an effective steward of the Fraternity’s financial and human resources when making decisions, strategic or tactical.

The ED is expected to hold regularly one-on-one and team meetings with staff from the departments they oversee and attend meetings called by their respective departments when appropriate. The ED will be expected to help complete Fraternity Office reports to the Board of Directors and Convention.

The ED must be able to use critical thinking and problem solving skills to thrive in their role. The ED will be expected to ask questions and seek answers when information is necessary to make a decision. The ED will also be expected to document critical functions and processes and help maintain the Fraternity’s Standard Operating Procedures.

The ED is expected to attend Staff Retreats, Convention, and other events as appropriate.

Required Qualifications

  • Membership status as as alumnus of DLP.

  • Budgeting experience

  • Strong operational leadership with at least three to four years experience overseeing projects, personnel, and other aspects of a size similar to the Fraternity Office.

  • Energetic, flexible, collaborative, and proactive; a team leader who can positively and productively impact both strategic and tactical operation and administration initiatives.

  • Ability to consistently attend several events each year: Convention (third weekend in July), the Fraternity Office staff retreat (Labor Day weekend), and the occasional conference, chapter chartering weekend, or other event.

Preferred Qualifications

  • At least three years experience working in the Fraternity Office with increasing levels of responsibility.

  • At least five years experience (employment, internship, or volunteer) work in Greek recruitment and rush processes, general recruitment/sales, or related fields.

  • Masters degree in business, marketing, administration or other related fields.

  • Demonstrated knowledge of successful rush, recruitment, and retention practices.

Expected Workload

Expected workload is between 10-20 hours per week. Some travel required (4-6 weekends per year and one week travel for Convention).

How To Apply

Applicants must submit a résumé (or résumés) clearly articulating their professional and fraternity experience, along with a cover letter. Applicants must also submit a statement summarizing their own violations of fraternity policies and formal disciplines (if any), and also must disclose any felony or misdemeanor criminal convictions (other than minor traffic violations) of which they were found guilty. Application materials should be sent directly to

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