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Eastern Regional Director

Job Summary

The Regional Director is responsible for ensuring effective service delivery from Delta Lambda Phi to the undergraduate chapters in their region. Duties include, but are not limited to:

  • meet biweekly or as necessary with Senior Director of Chapter Support

  • providing supervision and coaching for Chapter Counselors within their region

  • ensuring Chapter Counselor have the needed training and tools to fulfill job expectations

  • serving as auxiliary support for Chapter Counselors as it relates to chapter performance

  • coordinating with other Regional Directors to ensure uniform service delivery models and deliverables under the direction of the Senior Director of Chapter Support

  • ensuring consistent and clear communications on Fraternity priorities and chapter needs between Chapter Counselors and the Senior Director of Chapter Support

  • advising on regional events with the events team

  • regularly communicating with appropriate campus personnel and chapter advisers

  • ensuring chapter and local alumni association compliance with all Fraternity policies and procedures

  • communicating chapter and local alumni needs to the appropriate office of the Fraternity

  • delivering and communicating Fraternity programs and operational updates to chapters and local alumni associations

  • co-planning regional events with each event planning team

  • communicating with appropriate campus personnel and chapter advisers

  • coaching chapters and local alumni associations to the Standards of Excellence

  • any other duties as assigned

Essential Job Functions

  • Monthly meetings with local chapter/colony

  • Attend all Fraternity office and administration office meetings

  • Work with Chief Chapter Support Officer and Chief operations Officer to ensure all chapter/colony obligations are submitted

  • Report status of Chapters on a monthly basis

  • Supervise Regional Staff

  • Collaborate with Office of Legal Affairs, as appropriate

  • Assist events team to plan and execute Regional Conferences and other social gatherings

  • Be a "Master of Ceremonies", alongside the Executive Director and events staff, at Conferences

  • Promote and advertise fraternity events and campaigns to all chapters

  • Communicate closely with Campus Greek Life offices as needed to ensure policy compliance and collaboration to increase trust/support between DLP and Universities

  • Evaluate Chapters on the Standards of Excellence; communicate needs to the Fraternity Office, and coach Chapters to improve their Standards of Excellence

  • Supervisor:

  • The RD is supervised by the Senior Director for Chapter Support

Required Qualifications

  • An alumni in good standing of Delta Lambda Phi.

Preferred Qualifications

  • Leadership experience within home chapter

  • Knowledge of Delta Lambda Phi’s current policies and procedures

  • Ability to work independently.

Expected Workload

  • A light workload (3-5 hours a week) is expected.

  • Some travel is encouraged (1-2 weekends, including Convention).

How to Apply

Please email with your resume.

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