Director of Human Resources

Job Summary and Duties


  • Actively recruits alumni to fill position vacancies (based on interest, skillset, and need)

  • Works with marketing team to consistently target job postings and recruitment strategies

  • Maintains a live organizational chart with names, positions, and structure for current and former Fraternity Office staff


Develops and maintains a comprehensive orientation and onboarding plan for all FO staff. This should include understanding of how the Leadership Team operates, Fraternity Office policies and procedures, access to necessary IT resources, and role-specific training with individual team leads

Staff Engagement & Retention

  • Performs at minimum annual self, peer, and management performance evaluations to understand comprehensive areas of opportunity and future development of current FO staff

  • Conducts quarterly evaluations of Senior Staff and shares results and recommendations with key decision makers (such as CEO, DED, COO etc.)

  • Develop and maintain an incentive program reliant on budgetary scope to maintain staff morale

  • Develop and leads other programs on an ad hoc or continual basis to maintain staff engagement and overall FO morale

Conflict Management

  • Maintain FO employee disciplinary policies and procedures including an active log of employee files

  • Work with department heads on progressive coaching and training model, conflict resolution, and employee discipline when necessary

  • May also be involved in employee termination decisions where necessary

Preferred Qualifications

Prefer some exposure to human resources or people management, and at least one year tenure volunteering in the Fraternity Office.

Expected Workload

Expected workload is between 5 - 15 hours per week including a regular cadence of check in meeting with the COO. Minimal travel required (expect to attend FO retreat and Convention annually).

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